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Co-Creating a Thriving Planet

Sometimes the path to creating a healthy, sustainable and thriving planet can seem daunting. It can be difficult to know exactly which steps to take that will result in the real progress we’re seeking. And it can feel downright discouraging when you see media headlines showing all that needs to change...

However, a truly interconnected, regenerative world where we honor our sacred relationship with Mother Earth and all of Her gifts is possible!

What the news fails to focus on is the fact that despite facing some of the most extreme levels of environmental devastation in human history, we’re also entering a time when we’re matching these challenges with unprecedented levels of collaboration, innovation and cutting-edge technologies — the likes of which we’ve never experienced before either!

People across the globe, are coming together with new ideas and generating exciting and effective solutions to our planetary woes. And they’re illuminating spiritual practices, expanding our consciousness to include all of the natural world.

With The Earth Wisdom in Action Collection, you’ll gain insider access to the most ingenious, creative and awe-inspiring experts who are blazing the way toward a life-sustaining vision for our wondrous planet. Additionally, these visionaries are sharing their hard-earned wisdom, powerful insights and practical skills, so you, too, can be empowered to elevate your eco-conscious lifestyle, your community and our precious world.

And RIGHT NOW, you have the opportunity to receive unlimited access on lifetime access to esteemed green experts, spiritual leaders, innovators, activists, scientists and luminaries who are offering us all a renewed sense of hope, real solutions and reverence for Mother Earth.

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“Best of” Earth Day Summit 2015

7 Interviews from last year’s Shift Network summit

In addition to the amazing speakers featured in this year’s lineup, we want to share 7 essential sessions from Earth Day Summit 2015! These incredible sessions are an important addition to your personal library and “Earth Day tool kit.” Enjoy the wisdom, guidance and practices of these esteemed leaders.

  1. Cultivating the Wild and Sacred
    Rha Goddess and Bill Plotkin
  2. Our Home in the Universe
    Konda Mason, Drew Dellinger and Brian Swimme
  3. Feminine-Masculine Balance: The Critical Partnership
    Anodea Judith and Andrew Harvey
  4. The Broken Heart of the Economic System: From Greed to Sacred Relationship
    Rha Goddess and Charles Eisenstein
  5. A Time of Purifying Chaos
    Ashara Ekundayo and Matthew Fox
  6. Dancing with Gaia: The Transformative Power of the Arts
    Gary Malkin, Rachel Bublitz, Neal Rogin and Michael Fried
  7. The Voice of Youth: Earth Guardians
    Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and Itzcuauhtli Martinez
    (Please note — this is only a 15 minute session but definitely voice of the youth!)




Pedram Shojai’s feature film PLUS bonus material

Four years, 19 countries, and 24 experts in anthropology, medicine, ecology, and health have exposed the roots of our DNA and how to prevent the modern world from making you sick.

You’ll receive exclusive online access to the life-changing film Origins, PLUS more than 40 extended interviews with top experts in health, environmentalism and advocacy for the planet. This bonus also includes dozens of resources to help you clean and green your home!



Self-Reliance Mastery

284-page ebook from Nathan Crane

In Self Reliance Mastery you’ll discover how to live a more self reliant and sustainable lifestyle from leading experts in sustainable living and emergency preparedness.

You’ll receive ALL these bonuses PLUS lifetime access to recordings and transcripts of every session, equipping you with essential practices, practical steps and creative solutions for activating a global community for sustainable living on our planet.

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Take The First Step!

“The longest journey begins with a single step.”
— Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu wrote these words thousands of years ago, and yet they’re still true today...

We are collectively called to be in action to ensure a vital, viable planet for generations to come, one step at a time!

If you’re longing to find your place as part of the global solution, and right in your own community, you’ll find your next step in The Earth Wisdom in Action Collection.

With lifetime access to the leading-edge thinkers and innovators, in all areas of environmental action and sustainability, you’ll get the precise information and resources you need to make a meaningful contribution toward a thriving planet for ALL.

The Elements of Inspired Action

This life-changing series will provide you with the exact resources and skills you’ll need to take your family, community, cause, organization, business — and our planet — to the next level of healing and wholeness.

With The Earth Wisdom in Action Collection, you’ll be enlightened and engaged by the innovative solutions and best practices being offered by leading sustainability experts and visionaries. You’ll be inspired by stories of transformation and forward momentum, as well as uplifted by soul-stirring music and poetry — all great antidotes to the negative stories the mainstream media feeds you year round.

The outstanding speakers featured in this collection are covering the following themes to create a multifaceted, holistic approach to healing the planet. They’re offering diverse solutions to bring humans into harmony with the source of all life... Mother Earth:

Representing the physical nature of all life, we’ll address key issues and innovative, “grounded” solutions related to soil, land management and deforestation. Featured speakers include Starhawk, Foster Gamble and Marc Barasch.

Symbolic of the “element of the mind,” we’ll explore key elements for effective social change, larger communal thought patterns and our role in a living universe, as well as the issues most critical to resolving climate change. Featured speakers include Greenpeace Co-Founder Rex Weyler, Vinit Allen, Elisabet Sahtouris and Bioneers Founder CEO Kenny Ausubel.

Representing energy and movement, we’ll take a deep dive into cutting-edge energy innovations, as well as the many different environmental movements spreading quickly around the globe. Featured speakers include Pedram Shojai, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and Vicki Robin.

Symbolic of our emotions, we’ll look at the importance of healing on the personal level (because it greatly impacts the positive work we can do in the world!), and also examine inventive solutions for creatively cleaning up life-sustaining watersheds, oceans and our precious drinking water. Featured speakers include Andrew Harvey, Cristina Smith, Connie Baxter Marlow, Andrew Cameron Bailey and Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati.

We’ll explore meditations, practices and Indigenous wisdom that can help us expand our consciousness to include ALL of the natural world, and we’ll discover many spiritual solutions to address the ecological chaos of our time — with the wisdom of Mother Earth as our guide. Featured speakers include David Crow, Steve Farrell from Humanity’s Team and more.

A World Of Infinite Possibility

The visionary speakers in The Earth Wisdom in Action Collection will demonstrate that humanity has great potential to transcend the obstacles in our path and create a world of infinite possibilities... where people, animals and (other!) nature can peacefully co-exist and THRIVE.

You’ll discover the essential tools and resources to equip you as a global change agent, bringing innovative solutions to your spheres of influence.

And perhaps most importantly, with our diverse gathering of thought leaders (presenting all together in this series only) — you’ll discover newfound hope and ignite your passion toward fulfilling your highest potential in harmony with the planet.

Sessions Include:

Foster Gamble
Foster GambleGrounded Solutions for a Thriving Earth
StarhawkEarth Activism and Social Permaculture: Solutions for Climate Change and Justice
Marc Barasch
Marc BaraschReGreen the World in One Generation: How Compassion and Human Potential Will Save the Future
Marjory Wildcraft
Marjory Wildcraft7 Reasons the Earth is Calling You to Grow Your Own Food
Chief Phil Lane Jr.
Chief Phil Lane Jr.The Critical State of Mother Earth and Solutions
Rex Weyler
Rex WeylerState of Ecology
Vinit Allen
Vinit AllenEarth-Based Wisdom—Guidance for Our Times
Elisabet Sahtouris
Elisabet SahtourisCo-Creating the Wise Society
Kenny Ausubel
Kenny AusubelConverting Social Movements into Systemic Change in the Age of Nature
Pedram Shojai
Pedram ShojaiBack To Our Origins
Michael deMaria
Michael deMariaPeace Within Process and becoming a Heart Warrior
Xiuhtezcatl Martinez
Xiuhtezcatl MartinezOur Generation was Born to Change the World
Vicki Robin
Vicki RobinResourcefulness: How to Turn Challenges into Solutions for Sustainable Living
Andrew Harvey
Andrew HarveySacred Activism
Cristina Smith
Cristina SmithSacred Water - the Key to Healing Ourselves and the Planet
Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey
Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron BaileyJoining the Earth's Ascendence into Abundance: Accessing The Trust Frequency
Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati
Sadhvi Bhagawati SaraswatiSacred Water, Sacred Life: Water as the Imperiled Thread of Life Weaving Creation Together
David Crow
David CrowDharma and Apocalypse: Spiritual Opportunities In The Age Of Ecological Chaos
Steve Farrell
Steve FarrellEmbracing Our Role in a Living Universe
Dr. Kamala Easton
Dr. Kamala EastonLiving an Enlightened Life as an Earth-Centered Being
Adam C Hall
Adam C HallThe Intersection of Spiritual and Earth Intelligence - The Future of Humanity

Whether you’re simply looking to embrace a greener lifestyle or are spearheading shifts across the globe, the information and guidance in this series can be inspiring and useful to anyone and everyone.

With this invaluable tool kit you can
turn to time-and-again, you’ll discover:

  • Practical steps & innovative solutions for living in harmony with Mother Earth
  • Trusted resources & expert guidance for making sustainable life choices
  • A vibrant community of kindred spirits mobilizing globally to create a thriving planet
  • Powerful methods for increasing community engagement
  • Ways to take action on local levels as well as national legislative action
  • The experience of activating global consciousness, weaving the world together
  • Wisdom for creating a more sacred relationship with Mother Earth
  • Meditations, ceremonies, music & poetry to help you drop into a heart space and connect with the “gaia field”
  • Engaging stories of those who are making a difference in the world, inspiring you to take action and create your own out-of-the-box solutions
  • Invaluable insights on grassroots organizing, citizen lobbying & community action

With guidance from the top world experts featured in The Earth Wisdom in Action Collection, you’ll come away from these sessions deeply inspired, transformed — and part of the solution.

Here’s what You’ll Receive:

The Earth Wisdom in Action Collection
Digital Recordings &
Transcript Downloads

The Earth Wisdom in Action Collection includes instant access (after broadcast) to all recordings and transcripts of every session from the 2016 Earth Day Summit.

Downloadable MP3 Recordings: You’ll receive online access to the downloadable MP3s from every one of the Earth Day Summit 2016 sessions. You can download the recordings to your computer or listen on your phone, tablet or smartphone — and listen any time you want, anywhere you want, as many times as you want.
PDF Transcripts: You’ll have access to word-for-word transcripts from each session. You’ll be able to read along with the recording (or separately), highlight key points, take notes, and even search for specific words, phrases, references, and more. (We’ve heard from our international audience that the transcripts make it easier to follow along since it’s often easier to read English than listen to it.)
PLUS Your BONUS PAC KAGE! In addition to the 2016 Earth Day Summit material, you’ll receive exclusive bonus gifts!
Package Value: $200

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